zenith™ are unique progressive lenses, crafted utilizing optimized technology for today’s digital lifestyle.
zenith™ are specially designed high-tech progressive lenses. Patented technology WI-TEC provides aberration optimization, while the patented technology SLIM-TEC offers optimized lens thinness, all based on the actual wearing position of the lenses, making for balanced, clearer and wider binocular vision, and resulting in ultimate visual comfort.

Zenith consists of 2 designs.

Zenith IDEN™ is ideal for discerning progressive lens wearers, with:

• Complicated prescriptions or prescription differences between the two eyes
• Specific behavior or activities requiring customized design
• A prescription over +3.00, desiring the thinnest lens possible
• A need for easy adaptability and added eye comfort.

Zenith WI™ is suited to progressive lens wearers, who require:

• Ease of adaptability
• Added eye comfort.